Whether you’re a brick and mortar or online bettor, whether you prefer table games like Baccarat or single-player experiences like Video Poker or the Slots – one thing’s for certain – the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Whether or not you consider yourself to be a serious player, increasing your wager always comes with a better chance of winning. Here’s why high stakes is how you should be playing.

What is Considered High Stakes?

Obviously, most people are far from the category of the Vegas whale who can throw down a thousand dollars on a bet, but if you start betting higher, you’ll start getting offered more rewards. This could be simply heading to around fifteen dollars a spin as opposed to three. The term ‘high stakes’ is as relative as the term ‘wealthy’ – it’s interpreted in the context of its surroundings. If you’re betting substantially more than the average bettor at your establishment, you’re playing high stakes in the eyes of the floor managers and hosts.

Becoming a High Roller

A high roller or whale is someone who gives the casino a lot of time and is willing to put down big wagers. Casinos will do everything in their power to cater to this type of client, offering treats such as free rooms, meals and expensive liquor to massive shopping vouchers, luxury rental cars and private flights. While your local casino might not have such insane benefits, you can find yourself in high rollers rooms that are fitted with lush trimmings and exempt from the anti-smoking regulations and common bustle of the regular betting halls.

Bigger Losses Teach You Fast

If you’re a fan of table games where your losses might be more immediately felt than at the slots or on online platforms, don’t be discouraged. If you lose cash in the first or second round, you’re going to be on your toes come the third. If you wait out the initial bad runs, you’ll taste the reward of bigger wins and a better understanding of your game and how it’s played.

High Stakes Games Are More Engaging

People don’t watch sports for the in between moments, they watch sports for the near-goals, big saves and massive victories. Likewise, if you spend your time betting one cent per minute you’re going to be bored out of your mind claiming small wins and watching your credit slowly diminish. If you embrace the spirit of the game and accept that you might win big or at least go out fighting, you’ll soon rekindle the passion for your game that you had in the early days.

In Conclusion

Whatever type of player you are, consider upping your game and joining the big leagues, you have a little to lose but a lot to learn and, in due time, a lot of winning to be done. Playing high stakes is not only engaging and rewarding but also a valuable learning opportunity. Becoming a high-stakes player will also introduce you to a level of luxury and comfort you might not have been exposed to before, making every experience memorable and every win more rewarding.