Everyone alive today has seen how the world rapidly evolve to what it is today. One of the biggest evolutionary changes is how we moved from cash, to electronic banking and then to cryptocurrencies. At the helm of cryptocurrencies sits the mighty Bitcoin. When it started, we thought that it might be fad that will die away. However here we are, some 16 years later and it has earned its place in the world of money.

As one thing changes in the world, it creates a ripple effect that can be seen throughout many other factors of the world. Online casinos are just one of the mainstream facets that has been affected by this new way of life. Soon, gone will be the days of electronic bank transfers to be able to play at your favourite Ausvegas online casino Bitcoin takes its place.

The Bitcoin Difference

One of the biggest factors that makes Bitcoin such an amazing modality to use when enjoying online gambling, is the fact that it is an international currency. Being an international currency, this has some very attractive benefits. The first of which, and probably one of the most attractive, is that there is no exchange rate conversion. Sparked your interest yet?

Let’s say that you have 500 Bitcoin. 500 Bitcoin value is 500 Bitcoin value, no matter where in the world you are. The currency is internet based and thus stays the same no matter where you are located. Therefor you do not have to worry about conversion rates or even paying your bank or broker – or whoever – a fee to convert your bitcoin value into another currency.

Opening The World

As you can imagine this detail opens the world up to us in terms of which currencies, we are willing to convert to, depending on the strength of said currency. But this is not the only way in which it is opening the world to us. Gaming legislation is also almost falling by the wayside. This is of course a nightmare for the online casino admin, but at the same time a dream come true to the player at the online casino.

Many online casinos – because they are licenced – follow the judicial system of a specific country. In some cases, this allows only people of that country to log onto that online casino and enjoy the many benefits they have. Again, Bitcoin is international and cannot be linked to a location on the map, because the internet is international. This allows you the player, to gamble at just about any online casino, worldwide.

A New Dawn

Many things can be said of https://onlinepokiesnz.co.nz/bitcoin/ online casinos. Some are for it and some not so much. One thing is very real about it though. Whether you are for it or not, it has made the world smaller in that you are now able to enjoy online casinos from anywhere in the world and at no additional cost to you. Just one more thing in the long list of online casinos, that we can love.