Let’s talk about free casino games. The Internet is awash with free entertainment, whether it’s movies, music or casino games that users are looking for.

But it is also a huge web that anyone around the world can get involved in, so not everyone is honest.

Sometimes, a free offer is nothing more than click-bait to get online users to hand over their contact information; or worse, their banking details.

So casino games enthusiasts looking for free casino games online need to take the usual precautions when checking security certificates and privacy policies, for starters.

But they also need to avoid confusion about what is meant by ‘free casino games’, as there are at least three ways in which the phrase is used.

Playing at Free Casinos

There are also lots of free casinos, and free gaming sites that offer casino games alongside arcade and computer games.

These sites make their revenue through advertising and through add-ons that registered players may want to purchase, but basic game play remains permanently free, for credits only.

Free casino games of this type are available for play directly via Internet browsers, while others are available as downloadable apps.

Many apps offer the players a real-money option whenever they feel like switching, but free play will always be available.

Downloading Free Apps to Play Anytime

Many online and mobile casinos offer free casino apps for download, in version compatible with both Android and iOS software.

Players can download these apps onto their tablets or smart phones, and then either play against the computer, or connect with other players online.

There are thousands of slot apps, along with plenty of table games like roulette, blackjack, craps and baccarat, plus hundreds of other games found in land-based casinos.

Many apps also offer players the choice between playing for free, winning credits and wagering them for fun only, or depositing money via a number of online banking options and playing for real stakes, and hopefully real wins. In both cases, the app download should remain free.

Free Casino Games for Real Money

Players who do enjoy risking real money for the chance of a healthy windfall will be playing at real-money casinos, which are also available both as downloads or directly via the browser.

Even playing at these sites can include free games, however. Many sites offer their games in demo mode, so that players can try them out before committing to betting on them.

Real-money casinos also hand out incentive bonuses like free spins or deposit-matching top-ups to encourage player loyalty.

Players can win real money in these bonus offers without risking their own bankroll; so even when playing for actual stakes, these casino incentives make free casino games an option.

The bonuses on offer can usually be found on a site’s Promotions page.

It goes without saying, of course, that the check on a casino’s reputation and documented proof of fair games and secure banking is more important than any free offer.

No matter how tempting the deal, players should always ensure the integrity of the site they’re playing at before signing up to any free casino games offers.