The popularity of digital scratch card games online is growing rapidly, to the extent that these games are now second in demand only to the invincible slots titles among players in the USA. Giant games developer NetEnt is keeping up with this demand with an expanding collection of scratch card titles.

Zodiac is one that will appeal to two types of scratch card fans: those who rely on a little astrological help to get lucky, and those who want a change from the standard 3X3 grid layout of the usual scratch card.

A Layout Completely Unique

As the name suggests, Zodiac draws its design inspiration from the 12 astrological signs, and at the start of a game, players get to choose which symbol they wish to play with from a range of star signs.

Unlike most games, therefore, which normally offer the players the choice of one card out of 10, the player is choosing the symbol they would like matched to score a win. They then pay the bet, 1.50 euros, and play moves to the scratch card screen. On both screens, rules, volume controls and other information can be accessed through buttons at the bottom.

Random Prizes Assigned on Each Game

On the Zodiac scratch card screen, the symbol chosen by the player appears in a large circle at the top, flanked by five smaller circles hiding other symbols. Clicking on the large icon displays the amount the player can win, and scratching the icons around it will reveal other astrological symbols. If at least two of those match the symbol the player has picked, the prize is won.

More than two matches to the player’s symbol will multiply the total win, by X2, X4 or X10. Astrology-loving players may want to ritualize the process, so they can scratch each circle manually if they like. Those who want to play fast for long periods will probably use the Reveal All button each time, which gives an instant result.

Five Matches Can Deliver 25,000 Euros

The top prize offered in standard Zodiac play is 2,500 euros. However, if that is the prize revealed when the player scratches their chosen symbol, and then the player scores a match with all five smaller circles, the X10 multiplier will kick in. This makes the highest potential win on a single Zodiac scratch card 25,000 euros.

Pay Table Shows the Odds

Because Zodiac plays so differently from the find-three-of-a-kind grids so common in scratch card games, it attracts players who enjoy slightly more complex play.

American scratch card enthusiasts who like to calculate odds and then eke out their stake so that they can play long enough to stand more chance of scoring higher prizes will want to study the Pay Table. This is available at the click of a button near the bottom of the screen, and apart from listing Zodiac’s 13 different prize levels, it also tells players how many times any winning combination will come up over 1.2-million games. It’s invaluable information for scratch card fans who want to reckon their chances accurately.