With so many options on where you can go to when looking for a mobile casino, it is very easy to get carried away and simply start playing. While the excitement of mobile gambling can be intoxicating there should be three things that you first read up on before signing up to any specific mobile casino. This is not because of paranoia; it is simply a safety measure. Prevention is better than cure.

Buy In and Pay Out  

So, we are talking money. Your hard earned money. You should make sure about the policies of buying in and be sure of exactly how the pay-out system works. This can be found in the policies section of the mobile casino website. If it is not there you should either ignore the particular mobile casino or see if they have a customer support than can help you understand how it all works.

Once you have read the policies and you are confident about how the mobile casino says that it works, you should find some reviews about said mobile casino. See what other players have commented about the buy in or pay-out system. A mobile casino can easily promise to work in a certain manner and then simply not deliver. Reviews are therefor incredibly important. It makes you see what other players have experienced. The good and the bad.

Free Money

How wonderful it is to get free money. All of us can do with a little bit of extra cash. Many https://mobilepokiesnz.co.nz/mobile/ casinos – in fact it is almost a standard service – offer you a one-time welcome package. You buy credits, that can be used at either slots or tables, at a certain amount of money and the mobile casino will then give you either a huge discount on the purchase or will give you a certain number of credits for free. But for one time only.

Besides for the incredible welcome packages that you can purchase, the mobile casino will also offer you exclusive packages that you can purchase. Some have seasonal specials. Like a Valentines day special or a Christmas special. You will also have free spins or extra bonuses. These are a great way to reward the players of the casino.


In theory you should never have a compatibility issue. The Adobe Flash program is no longer being used to create games for mobile casinos. This is because Adobe decided to stop the Flash program. Developers are now instead using HTML5. Just about all mobile devices are HTML5 compatible and that is why you shouldn’t have an issue with this.

However, you should still check that your software or device might not be new enough to be able to run the software that is required for the mobile casino. A simple software update should be able to do the trick if this is the case. However, if your device is simply too old then you might not be able to visit said mobile casino. Just carry on looking for a site that you can use.