The Super Bowl is held annually, exclusively for the top performing teams in the National Football League. Punters from Canada will be delighted to hear that the Super bowl attracts a mass following with millions of fans, the Super Bowl avail itself to top betting opportunity not just on the game at hand but also on the commercials, which flood the screen on Super Bowl Sunday.

Canadians opting for Super Bowl betting options should be aware that Super Bowl does not follow a conventional approach, like other major sporting championships. The year in which Super Bowl games are played hold no relevance. All Super Bowl championships are named with Roman Numerals, which follow suit after each championship.

The Super Bowl represents tradition and culture, with the world almost coming to a complete standstill for the day, eagerly awaiting the final whistle. Teeming with commercials and grand opening and closing ceremonies, the Super Bowl affords punters from Canada with betting dynamism like no other sporting championship.

This handy go to Super Bowl betting guide will provide punters from Canada with the best tips for betting on Super Bowl Sunday, providing you with insider tips and the best Super Bowl betting advice.

It’s in the Defence

Football, although brutal in nature, is still just like any sport, a game of fluent basics. If the team get the basics right on the day there is little to nothing that can go wrong. One of the basic components that win football matches is defence.

Any team can score a touchdown, but can they defend their end zone? A team with no defence is a sitting duck in the NFL; Canadians should study a team’s defence adequately in order to compare them with other teams in the league.

Consider Your Wagers Value

Before Canadians place any wager on the Super Bowl, they should consider the value in the wager they are about to stake. Like wagering on any sport at, Super bowl requires a sharp betting strategy, which is comprised of all the factors leading up to the game.

It is not enough to simply know about the teams on Super Bowl Sunday, if you are looking for the most valuable Super bowl bets, you need to keep an eye on the top performing teams, coaches, players and any other features of the game that may affect the final play.

Various Super Bowl Bets

The Super Bowl is arguably one of the biggest betting markets on the planet. With metric tons of football action throughout the NFL and Super Bowl Sunday, punters from Canada have an assortment of Super Bowl bets to opt for. Standard bets include money line bets, point spreads, over and under bets, most voted player bets, Super Bowl prop bets and even betting on Super Bowl commercials.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

The majority of Super Bowl prop bets enhance the game and allow for a fun and exciting change of tempo to standard betting Super Bowl options. Canadians should be ware that prop bets are not the best value bets in the market and should practice caution when attempting to lay wagers throgh Super Bowl prop bets.

Bookmakers’ Promotional Offers

Canadians in quest of the best Super Bowl betting markets and providers will be delighted to know that with Super Bowl being an event with enormous reach and potential, bookmakers often provide punters with brilliant promotions and bonus offerings as an incentive to bet on the Super Bowl.

Certain providers will issue new and existing punters from Canada with free bonus funds, better odds and other nifty offers, which could increase your potential return on investment.