Every punter loves betting. The thrill of placing a wager, reading the game and ideally winning big has always been an exciting prospect. With so much to choose from regarding betting including both land and online based casinos betting has grown into an art form.

But what players tend to take for granted, especially now as online gaming in particular grows, is how the games came to be. From the developers to the creators to even the supporters that keep the games running there are a lot of facets that go in to online gaming. Particular recognition for the games we’ve all fallen in love, goes to those who initially brought us the games, the developers. Here we pay homage to WMS, one of the leading great developers in online games.

WMS, Back to the Roots

The roots of this great gaming developer can be tracked back to the middle of the 20th century. Back then, without the Internet, WMS focused on land-based pinball and arcade games. By the end of the 20th century games like these had lost their communities as the world slowly turned to the online way of gaming. But this game developer was not going to be put out, and in 1996 introduced its first video slot game. This was the start of a beautiful future. Today, owned by scientific games Corporation, this gaming developer offers players a wide variety of video slot and lottery games as well as a large variety of smartphone casino games. Being as diverse as they have come to be these online games are offered on a variety of platforms and enable players from around the world to play mobile games.

How WMS Rose to Fame

WMS is a game developer that has been there from the start of online gaming and as such has played an instrumental role in modelling the online games we use and see today. Before the first video slot that they introduced in 1996 called reel ’em in, the land-based slot games lacked a more creative air and were instead limited to basic beams and symbols of their predecessors. However their online slots were created to break away from this trend and offer players a unique and different way of betting pay off. This developer also aimed at broadening slot games target market.

It did this by realising that the younger generation had begun to fall in love with arcade games and accordingly created slot machines that offered the same colour, display and animation that this audience demanded. It is clear, with hindsight, how instrumental WMS was to creating the online gaming community we have today. But development and changing of the genre did not end here. The company then designed and created a new group of games for the whole family. These included poker and lottery games, monopoly-based games and even a collection of video slots targeting different demographics.

Concluding the Story

Presently this game developing company has been seen across multiple facets of the online gaming world, including multiple online casinos and even particular Facebook games. But diversity is not sole driver of this game developer. They also aim and focus a large amount of their resources on creating well-designed and well thought out games. These games while not inherently unique have a solid gameplay structure than enables even mobile users to completely access and utilise the full game assets.